• It took me until my mid thirties before I was happy with my own company and now I really enjoy time by myself.
  • I am registered disabled and have a number of chronic illnesses. I now use this to shape and drive the way that I work and succeed.
  • I have never dated anyone who only owns compilation albums.
  • I set myself a goal to sign I book deal before I was 40 and I did, I am now working on subsequent books.
  • I have a real thing for detective shows and still have amateur sleuth as a back-up career.
  • My favourite authors are, in no particular order; Tom Holt, Jasper Fford, Matt Haig & P G Wodehouse.
  • My favourite book is Three Men In A Boat by Jerome K Jerome.
  • I love to make puns.
  • I have kicked cancer in the ass three times.

Every coach will have a different way of working but here is a little bit about what you can expect from me and my background.

I worked for over twelve years in the social and charity sector. I studied sociology and trained as a social worker. You would think that this is where my deep interest in people came from but in fact it was the other way around, I became a social worker because of my love of people. I have always been fascinated in the why when it comes to human behaviour and so I chose to make that my area of expertise.

During my time in that sector I worked for local government, NGO’s and charities as both a social worker and a project manager. After that I needed to make changes to my life because of health issues. So if you come to me wanting to make huge life changes believe me I get that, I also know that it is different for everyone, EVERYTIME!

The importance of creativity to mental development, transactional analysis, wellbeing, physical health and the reduction of anti-social behaviour is mind-blowing – trust me! In the social sector this was the cornerstone of my work and when I left it is not shocking that it was the cornerstone of my entrepreneurial pursuits.

I am not a coach who will drown you in inspirational quotes and rhetoric, you have Instagram for that. I will care and I will show up 100% for you and I will expect you to do the same. I have developed 4 unique packages to cater to your needs and my strengths as a coach; creative thinking, career changes, female empowerment and entrepreneurism.

We are complex and unique beings that is why each package comes with an initial assessment & pre assessment homework.

Still with me? If so I think we may be a good fit, why not look at the packages in more detail.